Harris and Cheri Stewart

Harris and Cheri Stewart met in Asheville, NC, and moved to Alabama a few years later — only to fall in love with Birmingham. They decided to stay and opened Trim Tab Brewing Co. earlier this year. Cheri was diagnosed with asthma after moving to Birmingham, though. She still loves to go running through the city and live an active life, but she now has to use an inhaler to get her through a jog.


hazy_birminghamHarris and Cheri understand that small things like lending their voice to Voices for Clean Air goes a long way in making real change. Their business model for Trim Tab? “We craft beers of balance and celebrate the small, unassuming sources that create large-scale positive change.” They’re very conscious of making an impact on Birmingham.

“The air quality issue is not something that you can touch, that you can see,” Harris says. “It’s all businesses’ responsibility to understand the communities that they operate in, to have respect for the people that live around those communities — because oftentimes those are the same people who are working there — and to have respect for the natural environment that we’re all operating within.”

You too can be a voice for clean air like Harris and Cheri…

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