Pastor Clifton McMillan

Clifton J. McMillan is a chaplain at Children’s Hospital of Alabama and a pastor with the South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He’s a firm believer in the idea that we’re all in this together and that what hurts one of us hurts all of us. He sees the effects of air pollution on children’s respiratory systems when he’s visiting with kids and their families. He knows firsthand how a bad air day can affect elderly neighbors and members of his congregation.

Pastor Clifton McMillan

Watch the video above as Pastor McMillan talks about how important it is that everyone, no matter our difference, join together to reduce air pollution and take care of our planet for future generations.

McMillan video-rotary trail

Voices for Clean Air is a collaborative initiative between Gasp and American Lung Association in Alabama to tell the stories of Alabamians whose lives are being affected by air pollution. Join Pastor McMillan as a Voice for Clean Air.

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