Harris and Cheri Stewart met in Asheville, NC, and moved to Alabama a few years later — only to fall in love with Birmingham. They decided to stay and opened Trim Tab Brewing Co. earlier this year. Cheri was diagnosed with asthma after moving to Birmingham, though. She

Bart Slawson is an Alabama environmental and business attorney and a voice for clean air. He helped start the Solar Test House with Alabama Environmental Council. He describes the STH as “a way of promoting solar power in Alabama in a way affordable to environmentally inclined citizens and small

The saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” typically conjures thoughts of nature’s most dramatic and long-awaited season change. Like clockwork, after a winter spent largely indoors, daydreams of outdoor adventures, beach trips and gardening capture our imaginations. But for those in our community with a chronic lung disease like asthma,