The Singletary Family

“It is important to me that we have clean air, just like it’s important that we have clean drinking water,” Catherine Singletary says, talking about the importance of air quality for her family.

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Catherine, a realtor, and her husband Brandon, an epidemiologist, moved to the Magic City from Denver, Colorado. The Singletarys live in Birmingham’s Crestwood North neighborhood with their son, Byrne, and two dogs. They’re concerned about air quality because they want their son — and future generations of children — to be able to live a healthy life. As Brandon says, “as humans we basically, biologically speaking, only need three things: food, water and oxygen, and I think it’s our duty as humans to try to provide the cleanest, best quality for both ourselves, our children, and generations to come.”

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Because they want clean air (and clean water) for baby Byrne, Catherine and Brandon Singletary are proud to be Voices for Clean Air.

Voices for Clean Air is a collaborative initiative between Gasp and American Lung Association in Alabama to tell the stories of Alabamians whose lives are being affected by air pollution. You can join the Singletarys as Voices for Clean Air by writing to us.

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